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Con Ron Nine (voz), Kevin Whitworth (guitar), Bruce Fairweather (bajo), Jason Finn (bateria) como integrantes. Love battery se forma en 1989 teniendo muy bueno apogeo en la escena alternativa de seattle, con un sonido bastante bueno y un muy buen planteamiento pero siempre bajo perfil. Sus integrantes también fueron parte de las bandas U-men y Mudhoney posterior y anterior a la formación de dicha banda. Love baterry grado 5 discos en total que fueron: Between The Eyes, Day Glo, Far Gone, Straight Freak Ticket y Confusion Au Go Go, con dos año de por medio uno de otro para ser publicados. Love baterry se disuelve en 1991.



Between The Eye -1989
01. Between The Eyes
02. Easter
03. Highway Of Souls
04. Orange
05. 2 And 2
06. Before I Crawl
07. Ibiza Bar
08. 67
09. Wings
10. Shellshock


Dayglo - 1991

01. Out Of Focus
02. Foot
03. Damaged
04. See Your Mind
05. Side (With You)
06. Cool School (Trane Of Thought)
07. Sometimes
08. Blonde
09. Dayglo
10. 23 Modern Stories


Far Gone -1993
01. Searching For Rose
02. Half Past You
03. Head Of Ringo
04. In Through The Outside
05. Split In Two
06. Feet
07. Far Gone
08. Float
09. Nebraska
10. I Can't See Nobody
11. Instrumental
12. Rust Belt


Straight Freak Ticket

01. Fuzz Factory
02. If It Wasn't Me
03. Harold's Pink Room
04. Brazil
05. Nehru Jacket
06. Perfect Light
07. Red Onion
08. Sunny Jim
09. Straight Freak Show
10. Angelhead
11. Waylaid
12. Drowning Sun
13. Silent Treatment


Confusion Au Go Go

01. Confusion Au Go Go
02. One Small Step
03. Snipe Hunt
04. Corporate Memo
05. Colorblind
06. Get On Da Big Foot
07. Dead Boys
08. Hollow Body
09. Cute One
10. Punks Want Rights
11. Transendental Fornication
12. Guilty Of Every Thing
13. Monkey Brain
14. Faithful



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"Out Of Focus"

"And take my world and tear it apart
I can't beleive what I've done
Put my pride in a mess
I can't stand it when you wear that dress
You've been right, the things you say
Why don't you just go away ?
I've been diggin' for tonight, I've been diggin' for July"

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